misc · 2018-06-02 · Latonya Rausch

We all watched as Meghan walk down the aisle and a beautiful Givenchy wedding gown. From that moment we decided that we wanted to be just like Meghan Markle when it came to her fashion sense. When you're ready to look just as pretty as a princess but don't necessarily want to spend the budget of a queen, you should definitely keep reading are amazing advice below. We found that Meghan Markle has a personal style that is inspired fashion bloggers and fashionistas around the globe in order to help you look just like a princess when it comes to your amazing smile.


Go For The Wrapped Up Style

At Christmas, Meghan was seen wearing a gorgeous wrap coat when she attended Christmas services with Prince Harry. A wrap coat is a gorgeous way to make a big statement this winter. While we are a few months off from winter weather, you might end up in a cooler region this fall. Summer is a great time to grab a coat for less because of the fact that no one is wearing them right now. Always keep in mind that the best time to buy a coat is during the months in which they are not normally purchase. This is a great way to find them not only on sale but then double up on coupon codes to make them even less when it comes to check out.


The Princess Pea Coat

That brings us to another coat that the newly-minted princess put on the market for us. She was caught with Prince Harry wearing a beautiful navy blue peacoat. This P to instantly flew off the shelves like the wrap style coat as well. A great way to get it for Less is to shop now when you search coupon codes online through Groupon they offer discounts at stores like Kohls where you can pick up adorable, Princess style coats for up to 70% off the retail price. That’s some amazing savings when it comes to getting into some new winter wear before it goes back up in price.


The Classic Shoe Fit For A Princess

Meghan has been seen wearing some killer heels and pretty little pumps over the last few years, and we fell in love with her shoe style. Women's pumps and heels are definitely making a comeback this year thanks to the princess. Megan can be seen wearing these gorgeous pumps and heels in various colors and styles. From royal blue to grey, pink and bejeweled fashion her heels are not very high but that doesn’t leave your outfit understated. When you want to tie your outfit together like Meghan Markle, you should do it with a cute pump or heel. No matter what your style you can do it for less when you shop using the link above to Kohls. Kohls has all of your fashions and accessories in stock so you can be as pretty as a princess too!